About Us

We’re a leading on-line e-commerce pet care portal in India. We provide pet owners with everything(solutions) they need and require to look after and take care of their pets – from food, health supplements, toys, bedding, grooming services, vet-care and hospitals, breeders & sellers of pets and care taking services. In one word, the portal is a market place for all your pet care needs. It provides an ecosystem for B2B and B2C businesses. The portal provides for A to Z in pet care business.

Our portal provides an environment that is practical, fun and wholesome in experience for any pet owners. Our unique business model for co-seller is one of the kinds, providing an opportunity for any body and every body to make money referring or selling products and services in our portal. If you’re interested and want to know more…go to Co-Seller opportunities. 

 In whatever we do, pets are at the heart of everything we do, everyone who is a part of our group has a special responsibility to help and make pets happy, healthy and safe. This principal is the driving force and motto of all our initiatives. Come and join us through the subscription initiative.